HoundsTooth Pattern Nail Decals (PB)


Peek-a-boo Nail Wraps allow you to create a new look every time! Use them on all of your nails or just an accent nail. Choose from many color options – Black is the most popular option (As seen in the promo pic) These look amazing when you use a metallic shade or a colorful ombre gradient under the wrap. High fashion nail art! These wraps add a touch of bling to both natural and artificial nails and toenails and can be used with gels/shellac or acrylics.

Check out the video below for a helpful step-by-step tutorial :



High Quality, Chic nails without the salon price tag. 

If this is your first time using the Nail Apparel wraps – no worries – all orders are sent with free samples so you can practice practice practice before using your chosen design.

Use your favourite base colour or design first and it will show through. All of our decals are produced on high quality decal paper at the highest possible resolution for clear sharp images. 

Are Nail Apparel decals better than ‘stickers’?
Many customers have tried other traditional ‘stickers’ on their nails and although they look great to begin with ..they just don’t last. Stickers will snag, lose adhesiveness and get caught on clothing and hair. They aren’t smoothe and contoured on the surface of the nail. For this reason stickers are best left for decorating paper ..not nails. 

Nail Apparel decals are only 22 microns thin and will contour to the shape of your nail and after applying your clear topcoat the image seems to ‘melt’ right into shape. For this reason these decals are set in for optimum durability.

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red