Press On Fake False Nails – Sampler Sizing Kit ♡ Sizes 0-9


If you’re interested in purchasing a set of Nail Apparel’s Press On False Nails and you’re not sure which size you should choose or you’re not confident manually measuring your nails this kit is a perfect choice.

Our sampler kit includes 10 blank full cover tips in the shape of your choice. They’ll be clearly numbered 0-9 (Largest to Smallest) and will make it easy for you to choose the correct size just for you!

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With our sample sizing kit you’ll be able to see not only the perfect sizes for each of your nails but also how your chosen shape looks on you!

Simply line up your false nails in front of you and match them on each of your fingers. Mark down each number for each of your nails so when you’re ready to purchase an awesome set of our Press On nails you’ll be good to go and select the proper sizing. 


Nails should fit comfortably and you shouldn’t force them to fit. If you feel too much pressure between your nail and the tip it won’t allow a correct bond between your chosen adhesive and your natural nail.

The false nails in this kit won’t be finished / filed. The Sizing Kit is for sizing only and isn’t meant to be a finished product. 

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use em though. Smoothe the tips with your favorite file and have some fun with them. Use some adhesive or nail tabs and finish them any way you’d like. 

Nail Art is about having fun!

Your nails are the canvas,

Dress em Up with Nail Apparel!

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × .3 in
Nail Shape

Almond : Regular, Rounded : Long, Stiletto : Regular, Oval : Long, Ballerina Coffin : Long, Square : Long

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