Brand Bonanza – Fashion Peek-A-Boo Nail Wraps Decals


Peek-a-boo Nail Wraps allow you to create a new look every time! Use them on all of your nails or just an accent nail. These look amazing when you use a metallic shade or a colourful ombre under the wrap.

Check out the video below for a helpful step-by-step tutorial.



High Quality, Chic nails without the salon price tag. 

Most decals out there come in one ‘tiny’ size. Each Nail Apparel decal set includes 3 graduated sizes – Large (for your thumb/big toe/middle nail beds), Medium (for index/ring fingers), and Small for your pinkies. Ofcourse, you can also use more than one on a nail even layering them for a more interesting and varied look. YES! They’re that thin. They also come in 2 sizes: Child and Adult. Please refer to the approximate size details in the gallery of this listing.


Say adios to the smudging, drying time and the wasted time (and money$$) at the salon- Get ready to create your perfect manicure with Nail Apparel Decals . Made with ultra thin material at only 22 microns, the finished results appear almost painted on. When you’re ready to try a fresh design, regular nail polish remover will give you a blank slate. You can also use Nail Apparel decals with gels, shellacs and acrylics.

Create salon quality results at a fraction of the cost!
Made in Canada.

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red


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