Custom Nail Decals

Custom Nail Art Decals, Design, Art

Please use this form to get in contact with Nail Apparel regarding custom decal designs. You are able to use up to 2 images per set. Please include any special instructions about your custom decals in the form.


Once you’ve purchased your set please be sure to include your order number in this form.


High Quality, Chic nails without the price tag. Each pack contains more than enough decals AND in various sizes to fit your nails perfectly. Super high quality images with exceptional definition. They can be used on natural, false, acrylic, gel, shellac or stick-on nails. 

We’re always looking for new ways to have unique nails. Nail Apparel has a vast  selection of nail wraps, overlays, jewelry and many more nail art accessories.

Add the finishing touch to your ultimate blinged out manicure with these fun and unique options!